Question About Ram

Absolutely it will but it is always good to make sure the RAM you buy is on the motherboards QVL list but the Corsair Vengeance LPX series is very good on compatibility so yes. Ryzen has always been a little bit finicky about RAM but is is a lot better with the new Ryzens. DDR4 3200 is the sweetspot both in terms of speed and price.

Also you might want to consider the Ryzen 3600 as it is better than the 2700X across gaming and in some productivity scenarios.
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I would recommend G.Skill RAM vs the Corsair because a lot of people have been having issues getting the Corsair Vengeance kits to run at their full speed and the G.Skill kits don't seem to have tha t issue.§16GB (8GBx2),Multi-Channel_Kit§Dual Channel Kit,Tested_Speed§3200MHz,&manufacturer=1524725352&chipset=1532079044&model=1532079165

I have had my G.Skill TridentZ RAM (see my signature) on the same MB since November and they ran at 3400 Mhz on my OC'd 2600 and now I'm running them at 3200 MHz on my 3700x.