Question About review of Samsung 32'' Curved UHD 4K

Aug 21, 2019
Tom's Hardware has recently review a monitor which I am very much interested in. It's Samsung U32R590 32Inch Curved UHD 4K (the link). The cons of that monitor are: "No G-Sync or FreeSync", "No USB ports", and "Needs calibration". I don't really need extra USB. I am confused about two other cons, which I would like to ask about.

I read about G-Sync and FreeSync and to my understanding it is required rather for gaming to avoid screen tearing when system selects optimal refresh rate between X-Y where X and Y varies between monitors and GPUs and what is currently displayed on monitor. My computer is for work and so will be the monitor. I am occasionally going to play a few games like RPG or RTS, such as WoW, Starcraft, Starcraft II, Warcraft or Diablo III etc. I am not a FPS fan. My question is will I need G-Sync or FreeSync for my system?

The second con is about calibration. I have never done that before. According to the review in order for the monitor to display correct colours, gamma etc. it needs calibration. How can i do that and do I need hardware for that?

One more question. If someone already has this monitor, there is a number of complains on Amazon about some strange sound emitted from the monitor, like electric, static, or electronic coil like sound. Is that really an issue?

Most monitors "need calibration" if you're using them for professional color reproduction.
My Samsung C27HG70 (32" version also available) came with a factory color calibration report, but even factory calibration can be improved.

Personally, if you're going to play games at all, get a monitor with FreeSync. Fixed refresh is fine (obviously) for pure work.
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