Question About the RGB controller and the fan's pins

Nov 2, 2020

I had some troubles using my default thermaltake case's fans, when I boot the pc, the argb fans did a little white blink. This is normal, I read that this is a security test the RGB controller do in order to check if the fans are ok. But lately, my pc started to not doing this little blink, and I'm starting to worry about this. Everything is fine except this: the rgb fusion synchronized every fan well, and I suppose that the airflow is fine too. But I want to change the fans because of this. The problem here is that I need to change ALL fans and buy a new rgb controller (in my case, the tt sync premium of thermaltake), but I'm a bit worried because I don't know if the pins of those fans can be plugged in the controller. First I want to know if I can plug the default case fans to the tt sync controller instead of buying new fans.

Can you guys help me?

The controller is this:

P.D.: My fans and default rgb controller have a 6 pin head.

Thanks for your help.