Question About to dropkick my PC, Restarts no errors everything in thread

Mar 28, 2020
Ok, so my PC has been triggering tf out of me the past 3weeks, ive been onto multiple forums asking for help, asked close tech savy friends for help and no one has a clue whats wrong with my PC its confused everyone.

Geforce rtx 2080 ti gaming x trio
850w gold 80 corsair psu
Kraken x72 water cooling
M.2 1tb samsung evo
H700i case
7 mounted case fans
I9 9900k 3.6GHz cpu
2tb hdd 500gb sdd
Maximus hero xi mb
System is 64bit

Ok so to sum this up ill list everything ive tried, my issue being that my system restarts with no error, just boots back up into the log in page. Ive spent 3 damn weeks troubleshooting this with help and nothings worked and just to say where I am at right now, I am confident this is a Windows issue but my minds been changing bc everytime i fix something it continues but im honestly kinda clueless and done with this system rn.

- To start this off I figured it was a PSU ossue due to kernal power logs in ky windows logs so i bought a new PSU, installed everything from scratch, once booted the issues continued

- Next, my GPU needs 2x 8pins and a 6pin cable, so instead of using 1 6+2 to cover the 2 8pins and an additional 6+2 for the last 6 pin I added 3x 6+2 cables incase it was power related still. No success.

- Then, I reinstalled Windows using the dowbload tool online so my files and apps etc were still safe, again didnt work, restarts started again.

- Nvidia drivers, I uninstalled them all using ddu then reinstalled them back on, made progress tbh, the system didnt restart within 5mins of starting up a game, but restarted over a number of hours later, if i ran stress tests then it would crash within 15mins using valley benchmark.

- Temps, volts etc I checked these using HWInfo, HWmonitor, core temps etc the temps were fine while using valley benchmark along with the power, volts.

- Overclocks, I actually did this earlier on but forgot to add it, everything was set to default, mem clocks, gpu clocks, bios clocks, all reset, turbo was on in bios and ran auto at 4.7GHz, caused restarts still, i disabled turbo and forced 3.6GHz/x36 to be ran, still restarted. Sometimes restarts would go into a state where the gpu fans would power upto 100% as if its using power or overheating.

- Ran virus programmes, also ram ccleaner to fic registry and broken files, no viruses found and no fix to the restarts.

- Wanted to get the RAM out of the way so flashed Memtest86 onto a usb and ran it for 5 hours getting 0 errors from all 4 tests and all 4 sticks.

- I have also reapplied thermal paste to both the CPU and GPU.

- drives, I disconnected my hdd and sdd while leaving in the m.2, still crashed, put in the hdd and toon out the m.2 still restarted. (I still have windows on my hdd due to it being what i used before upgrading, I rarely use the hdd or connect it).

- Ran Prime95 - where i saw issues, cpu was running at 95° after 15mins of stress testing, found out that my kraken radiator fans where connected to different slots, fixed it and got the temps down. Still crashes with low temps.

- Downloaded Pop Os onto a flash drive so i could stress test in linux to rule out a windows issue, ran the stress test for 5 hours without any crashes, closed the stress test and went to sleep leaving idle, woke up and still no crashes on the system, boot back into windows and oh hey lemme crash the system again. (Reason why i believe this has to be a windows issue as ive already troubleshooted every piece of hardware apart from the mb)

- also done alot of things in cmd which i cant fully remember, but ive done sfc scans, ive done drive scans, ive installed drive software.

With the linux test going smoothly i feel like my last option is to fully reset windows and get rid of all my apps etc and hope it fixes, Im not sure what else I can really do, the 2 things I think i have it pinned down to are windows or my gpu, I dont think itll be the cpu as it passed a cpu stress test for 5hours on linux while it crashed on windows and there were no bent pins so everything was good there, also sometimes say after running valley it lasted 30mins in valley before restarting, then when it came back on the restarts happened every few mins on idle, gpu fans powered upto 100% so that also what makes me wonder if its a gpu temp issue, but in HW the temps didnt pass 80° so im confused.

Im out of ideas and would appreciate anyones input on this because rn I feel like ive done everything apart from resetting windows compmetely and changing the gpu for longer (i ran the test with a roomates gpu and it got to 30mins without crashing before i closed it but id need to extend that to make sure its not my gpu thats an issue)