Question AC Causing Condensation To Get All Over PC Parts


Aug 4, 2017
Hello, so last year during the summer I kept my window ac on all night with my computer off, used it before I went to bed and I woke up to there being condensation all over by pc parts. Is there a way that I can keep using my ac with my gaming pc? Maybe not run it through the night?


Keep the PC further away from the AC. So, it is closer to room temperature. Rather than below room temp from the AC blast.

The AC should be dehumidifying your air. Are you just depending on those crappy inserts they give you to seal the sides of the window? Sealing it properly will reduce humidity, keep bugs out and drop your power bill.

I cover the sides of the window frame with 2" foam insulation board. Any styrofoam board will do. I just went with this to maximize insulation. Even a couple layers of aluminum foil will do in a pinch. But it won't hold up more than a year and may be a bit noisy.

Then I seal around the board with aluminum duct tape. Regular will work too. I work this carefully so the board is sealed to the window frame and the AC. To make sure nothing can get through. I also seal the top and bottom of the AC to the window frame and window.

As your window will also be partly open. Even though the opening perimeter is now insulated and sealed. The top of the window has a gap between the panes. I pack that tight with foam weather seal.

Basically you want to get that window buttoned up so tight a gnats eyelash can't get through. I use window AC units throughout my house. Even on horrendously humid days. I have zero problems with humidity in my house. As long as someone doesn't leave a door open. Nothing helps against that.
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The simplest way to avoid condensation is to not run your AC so hard that your room temperature and everything in it ends up dropping below dew point. I run my puny window AC mainly to de-humidify and get in my comfort zone around 25C.
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