[SOLVED] AC:Valhalla - Dark Scenes look strange (green shadows, picture looks almost like a negative photo)


So, I started playing the game yesterday and right from the beginning I noticed that the lighting incl. shadows in darks scenes looks very strange. All the blacks turn in some kind of blackish/greenish shades and the picture on the screen almost looks like a negative photography. This only happens in dark scenes or when looking direct at light sources when there is a glare and everything turns dark around due to the blinding effect. Is this intended or is that a graphics glitch. I never experience something like this in dark scenes in any other games I played before. I even played around with contrast and brightness setting but that doesn't really change it. During daylight outside the game looks fantastic and I don't notice any issues. But in dark rooms or at night the game looks really weird.

My computer is a 8700k/RTX2080/16GB/m2.ssd combo with the latest game ready driver from Nvidia (the one from 11/9). I play on 1440p on the highest presets (exception: no motion blur and volumetric clouds on high).

This is irritating.....

Anyone experiencing the same thing or had something like that in other games?