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Question AC wireless let down?


Dec 23, 2013
Hi good people,
Up until a week ago I had no knowledge of my wireless network, other than cool, I'm connected or panic, I'm not
I'm now a wee bit more versed in the subject....a wee bit, so please excuse my ignorance.
More versed because I swopped over from a 10yr old Dell laptop to a desktop....a Dell Precision T1650/i7 workstation. This, unlike the old lappie, had no wifi or Bluetooth.
Having a fairly hi-end Bluetooth audio dac feeding equally hi-end amp/speakers & paying for Vodafone's best broadband offering whilst enjoying precious little of it's speed....then I opted to buy what I thought might hopefully be a half decent pci card...
This I assumed, still assume, pairs fine with Vodafone's supplied AC router.
As this was currently connected to the BT main box via a filter and a 20m tel extn cable from the pound shop, I replaced said box for a VDSL output & connected the router directly via a quality half metre cable.
The router is now one metre directly under my pc, through ceiling/floor boards.
I ventured into my router settings & dared to split my SSID's.....!!
I have a 2.4G now, on channel 6 & a 5G on Auto......& my workstation is connected to the 5G.
But....Bluetooth works ok...wifi is noticeably slower than my old lappie & most annoyingly, my old lappie connects within 3sec of my desktop appearing in windows 7/64/Pro.....this ASUS card takes all of three minutes to connect...same O/S.
I read a good few reviews in choosing a card & the wee antenna was often commended...you could move it around to get the best signal.
I can disconnect mine & stuff it under my pillow...'cos it makes no odds at all to connect it?...though saying that, how do I get the best signal?...it's not like fiddling with my FM radio is it...how do I monitor my signal whilst moving and/or removing the antenna?
The card came with a disc, which I used....but I kinda expect something new to appear after installing a new piece of hardware....a wee control/settings panel or the like...but ah heck all with this one.....install drivers for wifi...done, install drivers for Bluetooth...done....bye.
Tried all the available drivers from Asus & Intel but take your pick, nothing improves or changes regardless.
Dunno...in ignorance I just dunno.....most every review I read had folk in awe of the improvements attained with this card + I reckon I'm due some improvement having given the router/connection tlc.
Yet for me....a trip into the loft to dig out an old, very old, Linksys card & a usb Bluetooth dongle from China.
The card, not being low profile, doesn't seat too well & the dongle takes up a usb slot......but I can listen to a bit of music & more importantly, connect to & use the internet better than with my laptop....and way better than AC, apparently?