Accesing nas over 2 routers


Nov 24, 2012
Hi guys,

This is my first post here after lurking here for a while, and i was hoping someone could help me with my problem.
Ive recently made myself a nas (running unraid) and ive been trying to make my setup working but ive stumbled across a problem.
To clarify things ive made a diagram on how my network is wired and ill attach it to this post.


The linksys router is set in router mode and dhcp disabled on ip (gateway and dns and running dd-wrt.
The sitecom is with in gateway mode with dhcp(going from 100 to 200) enabled on ip
My nas is on a static ip with

Now my problem is this, when i connect to my sitecome router (wired or wireless) i can do everything from surfing to acces the webgui of my nas and telnetting it, and seeing the shared folders on it.
But when i connect to my linksys i can ping my Nas, browse my shared folders but cant acces the webgui or even do a tracert to it, i can browse the internet etc too on this router.

The goal is to set things up so that i can acces the webgui of my nas on both networks and set the ssid to the same name so its 1 big wireless network.

Thanks for reading and i hope someone could help me with my problem.

kind regards,