Question Access point can't contact principal router after electrical failure

Jul 8, 2021
After an electrical electrical failure

I have a lot of problems with my network since this moment

i have a master router Asus RT-AC86U and
3 others routers in access point mode but now i can be connected to the access point only when i'm wired
If we choose to connect to the WIFI, we have an error message "Cannot connect at this network"

I have bought i new router to troubleshoot and i can't configure the router in access mode or repeater mode it's fail.
The only thing it can work it's to connect the new router to the principal and choose the router mode.

Is it could be a problem with my master router or i could have a virus on a device or computer ?

What do you mean "connected" to. Do you mean you want to log in and administer them or you just want to connect via wifi and use the internet.

Be very sure the LAN ip is different on each of the AP but is still in the same subnet. You would set one to say

You best bet maybe to start all over and factory reset all the "ap" routers. I would leave your main router since it sound like it works for both wifi and ethernet.

On the AP routers you will need to disconnect them and connect directly to a pc with ethernet after you reset them. Set the device to AP mode and set the LAN ip to something that does not conflict with other devices. Turn off the DHCP server if you need, I think AP mode does that. Set the SSID to something different than your main router to start with you can change them later if you want. This is so you can force a wifi connection to exactly the wifi radio and AP you want to test. After that save and hook it to the main router. It should function.