Question Access point doesn't work when its channels is different than main router


Jun 13, 2014
I’ve a main router and an access point. If I set the main to a different channel than the access point then the latter doesn’t work. In short, the access point only works if it is or the main one are on the same channels. I’ve read that routers and access points should be on the different channels like 1, 6 or 11. What am I missing here? Thanks for any help!
It may not really matter if it is working I would leave it.

The 1,6,11 recommendation is pretty much outdated. That was when most wifi only used 20mhz of bandwidth. There is 60mhz total so those channel number divided it up into 3 chunks pretty well. Modern router use 40mhz blocks on 2.4g. This means there is no way to fit 2 40mhz blocks into the 60mhz total so you get overlap no matter what you do. You could force your equipment back to 20mzh but then you cut the speed