Question Access Point or Extender?


May 11, 2015
So I've moved into a new apartment with an OTO fiber connection inside a media box (metalbox along with circuit breakers) right next to the main door. I was able to squeeze the modem from the provider into it, but WIFI is weak, as is to be expected). I have the option to route a cable connection right inside a box into various rooms, but still need wifi coverage for various system. Should I: 1) Buy a wifi extender to work with the signal that the Zyxel modem puts out. If so: Which one?
2) should I route cable to a more central room and install a wifi access point there. If so which one?
Any kind of "extender" repeater should be your very last choice. They will greatly impact the bandwidth and now you have multiple wifi signals that can be interfered with.

If you can run ethernet cable to the remote rooms and run AP or a router set to AP mode that is your optimum solution. It is the method large corporations have done it since the begining of wifi. They pretty much have unlimited budget and if any silly mesh or repeater system was better they would use it. They choose to use ethernet connected AP.

Note if you have coax cables between the rooms already you might consider using MoCA. It is very close to ethernet in performance and would save you the trouble of running ethernet.
If you do choose to run ethernet do not buy that thin or flat cable. It does not meet the standards for ethernet cables. You only need cat5e but it needs to be pure copper wire (no CCA) and have wire size 22-24. Those flat cables have 30 or 33 (larger number is thinner for wire size).
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