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Question Access point with guest bandwidth control


Feb 19, 2015
Hi all,

Using a tp-link router model tl-wr841n

So, im trying to set up a router to be an access point with guest settings enabled with bandwidth control to limit the upload and download speeds so when im playing an online game for example guests dont zap all the bandwidth over wifi and leave me with huge pings.

So, wireless settings ssid changed and password

Guest mode on with own ssid and password

Bandwidth control enabled with (for a test upload at 500kbps and down 1000.

Back to guest mode to enable bandwidth control and set to same speeds and no schedule just on all the time.

Change router username and passsoword

Disabled dhcp so main hub is in control of ip addresses etc.

Restart router and plug ethernet from main to access point.

Everything works, i see the guest ssid and normal but when i connect to guest on my phone or laptop via wifi and run a speed test is not limited in any way.

Whats worse is i can no longer access the router (just my main) to change settings and have to factory reset even if i enable remote access etc.

So i am stumped, am i derping? Missing something simple here?

Appriciate the help on this one.