Question Access port on wall not working

Nov 23, 2022
Hi! I'm a complete noob on network connections but I came across a problem and would like someone's opinion.

In my room, I have 3 LAN access ports on the wall. 2 of them are near the TV, which I use for my TV box and my PlayStation, and the other port is near my desk. The first 2 work just fine but when I try to connect the last one to my PC it gives no sign of life. I have tried connecting my PC to one of the other 2 ports to make sure it was not a problem with the cable or from my PC, and it worked. I also opened the port on the wall and all 8 wires seem well connected. What could this be? I haven't tested the port for voltage or anything since I don't have the equipment to try it. I also thought that maybe this port is to connect a router and not directly a device but I am not even sure if that makes a difference since I literally know nothing of these types of connections.

Thanks in advance!