Question Accessing BIOS with windows 10

Feb 22, 2021
Im trying to mess with virtualization but haven't had any luck reaching my BIOS or UEFI stuff (im not the brightest bulb so im not sure the difference). When launching from the windows UEFI advance settings option, my computer just flat out refuses to restart after shutting off. It will turn back on but wont initialize anything, or at least it doesnt display anything. When trying to access bios during the boot sequence, my computer doesnt show the manufacturer screen so I dont even know my boot option button. Ive tried all the common keys but none of them register. Any assitance would be appreciated


Math Geek

check the motherboard manual as it should tell you what key to press.

this has nothing to do with windows as accessing the bios is before the system hands off to windows to load. it is based completely on hitting the right button at post. you list no specs of the pc so you're on your own to google the mobo manual (or read it if you have ti on hand already). but it will be in the manual.