Accessing devices on a wireless bridged network

Oct 30, 2018
I have my Fibre connected to a wireless router (main router). I am running my wireless networks off of the main router, with all wireless devices connecting to this router.

I am trying to connect devices through a second wireless router (I am unable to run ethernet cable between them) to the main router, thus having them accessible on the network. I have been able to set up bridging successfully so internet is wireless accessible from the second routers wireless networks. However I am unable to access the devices from the main network.

The main router is a D-Link Dir 825 with Gateway and range -

The second router is a Tenda AC6. It is using the Gateway and has the IP of on the main network. It has the LAN IP of -; it is not allowing me to access the range of the main router.

If an IP address for a device on the second network is entered while connected to the main network, it is unable to connect to the address.

It seems as if there should be a simple solution but I am totally stuck. Any help would be appreciated.