[SOLVED] Accessing FreeNAS from Multiple computers


So I feel real silly for asking this, but I am just running out of ideas (or my Google-Fu mojo has been damaged). Keep in mind, I have a more than decent understanding of networking and Windows. I am completely newbie to FreeNAS as I deal with Windows Server at work.

Let me give you the backstory. I have a few machines (laptops and desktops) connected to my AC-68U router. It isn't the best, but it is able to handle a decent home network. I do not have anything in the middle of (i.e. switches). The desktop (which is my main rig) is wired to the router. The FreeNAS (which is also a desktop) is connected wired as well. The laptop is setup to connect to the wireless network (5Ghz if that matters). I do want to point out that this is a free install of Windows. The only installed is Virtualbox and Chrome. All of the devices are in the same workgroup and all are on the subnet and uses the same gateway. Both the desktop and laptop are running Windows 10 Pro v1803 (latest updates).

The laptop (let's call it Laptop) can ping the desktop and FreeNAS (let's call Store). It can also ping the desktop (let's call Desktop). Laptop can access shared files (using \\Desktop\C$) just fine. Desktop can do the same using \\Laptop\C$. They can also use their respective IP address.
When it comes to Store, I can ping it on Desktop (by IP and name) and access it using \\Store or the IP address. However, my problem lies with Laptop. I can ping Store (by name and IP) and I can access the web GUI. However, I cannot access it using \\Store. I’ve turned on network sharing, made sure my Private settings were correct. I even turn off the Firewall. I also rebooted multiple times. Here is a screenshot of my issue. You can clearly see how this is working, and what is not. Any help is appreciated!



Is your network setup as the "trusted" one? The first time you connected it probably asked you. Not sure if this can cause this, but it might be.

normally in windows it's smb://ip/share do this from the map a drive screen so that it auto connects each time

I recommend creating a SAMBA user with a strong pw and forcing permissions. this will be more secure and if you want programs from a unix system to interact with the share it will be less problematic.



If you mean if my network is private/public, all devices are set to private. I also want to note I turned off Windows Firewall (confident as long as I don't browse). I've never had to use smb::// except on a Mac. In fact, It was always \\servername. Even in the Map a Network drive, it states that.

However, I did test that, and windows did not recognize the SMB protocol (tested it on the desktop). As far as security, I always set strong security when it comes to my network devices. However, security is pointless if I cannot access it.

Check your routes. I doubt it's that if you can navigate to the webpage. virtualbox likely added another interface and if it's also using the network it could cause issues.


Aug 16, 2014

Have you tested with a wired connection from the router to laptop? That would help eliminate a connection problem to the router.



I know it's too long, but I did point out it is on the same subnet. I also turned off the firewall and nothing worked. It's a fresh install of Windows 10 on v1803.


I did test a wired connection on the router itself (where the server is connected) and a no go. Waited about 45mins for everything catch up.


VB is using the 192 network. All routes are going to the right network. It's weird that I can access the webpage, ping, and do a nslookup with no problem.



SMB 2 and 3 are on. Again, if it was off, I shouldn't be able to communicate with my desktop. Also, I have no VLANS or any separation like that. Sadly, I decided to go away from FreeNAS and just ended up going to WinServer 2016. It's what I know and what I work with. After getting it set up, I was able to RDP and use SMB with no problem from two laptops.

Maybe it is something I can think about down the road, but all I need is a storage and backup server (probably will add more roles for a home lab).

Thanks for all the suggestions.