Accessing internal network from Internet


Jun 26, 2012
Ok, apologies in advance for what may or may not be stupid questions. I've built PC's and home networks for years, but nothing like this before. And as the "Begrudgingly Appointed Tech" I get to learn all this while trying not to break anything. What I have is:

Server PC ( I have allready built the network structure and assigned permissions so that the other pc's on the network have access to or are denied access to folders they need.

20 or so other Workstation PC's, tablets, and smartphones ( - .20)

24 port unmanaged switch

We are using Comcast Buisness Class Internet, and have a static IP assigned to my modem.

How do I go about making the static IP forward into the servers internal IP, so that the employees would have access to their files (Should they need them) from home?

As an FYI: I Work for a marketing / design firm, and my graphic designers work crazy hours as artists are oft to do, the owners need access to contracts at weird hours, and accessing files from home would be huge.

Thanks guys!