Question Accessing videos on PC via TV

Jun 14, 2022

I'm trying to find a way to access and play the videos on my PC hard drive from my TV.

I have tried DLNA (Media Sharing) but I couldn't get it to work (folders could be found but no videos). I have looked at some other options, but all I could find was options to cast from my PC to TV (i.e., I need to be at the PC to start the video).

I'm looking for an option to simply sit down at my TV and browser/select and play a video from my PC Hard Drive, without the need to go to the PC (the PC is turned on).

Is there a way to do this via a Smart TV or other device?

I used to be able to do it years ago using a WD Media Player box (I believe I had to create a second user on the PC just for the WD box to make it work).

Any help would be appreciated. :)

Math Geek

plex server is the main way folks do this now.

windows media center was awesome when it was out. worked great for exactly this, but they decided to kill it for some reason. look into plex and see if it is an option for you
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