[SOLVED] Accidental Files Deletion


Mar 26, 2020

So a couple of days ago I randomly got this message in my screen that says "The Recycle Bin on E:\ is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive?"
so without giving it much thought I just clicked yes and carried on, the past week I was keep getting this exact same message and I thought its just a bug or glitch of something so I was keep pressing yes, the recycle bin was still showing full and when I opened the recycle bin it was loading and then showing me empty.

Now I needed RAR files from a folder in my drive E and when I searched that folder was not there. I had like 10 RAR files on that folder and I think only this folder was deleted. Which weird in my opinion. I had these files for like more then 5 years and there was no such bug or error of this type, but now only these files were deleted.

So I have two questions 1. Why only this folder that had 10 RAR Files were deleted? and 2. How to stop this message from showing up randomly? I am still getting this message. I tried to change this drive cables but still I keep getting this message. Any help would be much appreciated.