Accidentally deleted 100 mb partition, tried to fix


Apr 13, 2011
OK so i think i did something stupid,i accidentally deleted the 100 MB partition on my 500GB internal storage drive.when i couldn't access it, i tried to make another one with the same size but put in 2 or 3 extra 0's, this made a partition that i could access but none of my stuff was there, obviously, since it quick formatted the partition. i then tryed to make another partition without formatting but i cant access that one. PLEASE HELP!!!! MY FAMILY PICTURES WHERE THERE!!!! :cry:


Jan 28, 2010
Hi Eli, & Welcome to Tom's Hardware!

The 100MB hidden system partition on a Win-7 installation holds the Boot Config Database, the Boot Manager Code, and any Bitlocker Drive Encryption Start Up files. If you had not tried to recreate it or quick formatted that area, you might be able to recover it.

Without it, you are not going to be able to boot into Windows. There are several options available to try:

Boot up your computer and just after the splash screen, click on F8 to take you to the Windows Recovery Environment.
There are several choices there -
Try the StartUp Repair (scans and repairs system files) - Run the Boot Mgr Dx choice and follow any directions

If no luck, choose the Command Prompt, and type in BootRec.exe. There are 4 options available. The "/RebuildBCD" creates a new Boot Configuration Data Store. Reboot and see if you can start Windows.

Also if you have made a prior Windows-7 "BackUp and Restore" System Image, previously, you could go back into the Recovery Environment, and choose the System Image Recovery, choose the Image which will be restored by over your corrupted system partition and all your data files. That System Image obviously will have to have been saved in a separate partition or on a separate Disk.

IF nothing worked, you may have to take the HDD, and attached to a separate desktop computer, run a Partition Recovery Program such as the free EaseUS Partition Recovery Program ( ), or a File Recovery Program to extract you photos and data on the drive.