Accidentally deleted graphic driver, can't enter BIOS to fix

May 23, 2018
Please help.
I accidentally deleted my only one graphic driver through device manager on my old laptop.

Then the screen went weird in resolution, so I restarted it.
Now it only shows black screen. But I can still boot into my Window (can still hear the Window starting sound)

Before all of this, my laptop could not enter BIOS for a while but I just ignored it. How stupid of me!!
When I powered on my laptop, it just went straight into Window startup screen, leaving me no chance to enter BIOS.

After all this mess, I tried removing CMOS battery for a false hope that it would reset any BIOS setting and the screen might show somehow. It failed miserably.

I tried plugging it to a monitor, a TV, via both HDMI and VGA. Nothing works!

Now my laptop is but a piece of heavy plastic.

Do you guys have any solution to make my screen come back to life again?
Please kindly help me.

Thank you very much