Question Accidentally scratched motherboard with screwdriver - am I in trouble ?

System passed memtest, Aida64 stressed and OCCT power tests since this happened. Not my first build, just very clumsy.

Check second pic in slideshow as well.
It would be helpful to get a clearer picture, but it does look like a chip component has been broken away.

Also helpful to know if it's worrying is a shot that shows where these components are located to be able to figure out the circuit that transistor (the three leaded device) might be located in. It might be a fan driver, for instance, so you might have one unused fan header non-functioning or not controllable, or part of the serial port circuitry that no body uses but is often included on motherboards. There are other possibilities for circuits that would only present a problem if you intend to use them at some future point.

As advised, if it works now use the board until something definitive happens (which may easily be never) but keep backups current just in case.