Accidently wiped my cisco ios from my 887VA need help getting the os onto the router


Jun 22, 2015
ok so in short i have no idea what im doing with cisco and accidentally wiped nvram. I have the correct file to load onto the router but have no idea how to do it. Ive been using PuTTY so far so if someone could tell me how to install the bin through the com3 port using that that would be great. I know that the transfer speed is tiny and it will take hours but i dont mind waiting. Just FYI im a complete cisco novice so i need literal step by step instructions specifying where my machines ip goes and how to get the cisco routers ip too from rommon. Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for my grammer it's probably not to brilliant.
I would not load it via the console many times it will not complete because it gets some kind of error and you have start over again.

What you want to do is use TFTP from the ROMMON prompt. If you really wanted to load it via the console you would still have to do that from the rommon but you would use the xmodem command.

The procedure is fairly complex and it would be silly for me to cut and paste someone elses instructions. You will get lots of hits by search TFTP and ROMMON.

You could also try to boot it from a USB stick. Do not use really large ones since they are not supported. You will have to manually key in the boot command from the rommon prompt. Again there are very good instructions on cisco sites and others. If you can get it to boot you can use the more standard copy command to get get a ios image from a tftp/ftp server.

In any case it will likely take a few tries, the rommon is very unforgiving to small mistakes.

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