'Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown' E3 Trailer Debuts

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May 3, 2009
The old ones were the best. They need to go back to being simulation instead of action simulations. I dont want press a button to have an action done for me. This used to be a pretty awesome arcade dog fighter game. Now its so bland and boring. I mean, i know the stories of them have been always been boring but seriously, go back to being a fun arcade dog fighter game and maybe have a little more realistic story to follow with some depth into it. Make it feel more alive. These fake stories never really make you feel like your important or your doing anything. There team seriously have the worst scripts for this IP that makes you want skip every single cut scene or story dialogue. Its pretty pathetic and boring. All we care about is the Aircrafts, and lots and lots of REAL dog fighting. I mean thats what i care about. Going to go boot up AC2 and AC3.
^^That - it's why I loved the Jane's series hard core complex combat sims: AH-64 Longbow 2, F-15, and F/A-18. Very complex but highly realistic. Not for those who want to just jump in and start shooting down. You had to learn the aircraft's systems and the manual was nearly as thick as the real pilot's operating handbook on systems to manage.


May 11, 2010
The most realistic flight sim I ever played - dating way back to around 1991 and good old MS DOS... Megafortress. A modified B-52 based on Dale Brown's famous novel.
You had to do everything manually, controlling the piloting, navigating, weapons and defensive stations as you fly over Baghdad. That game had me hooked for months. Learning every weapon, avoiding enemy radar, flying long hours and returning to base safely, even while half the plane was shot to bits and engines on fire. I long for those adventures of pure glory.
As for today's easy "arcade" style flying games? Meh...


Mar 29, 2013
aces high was pretty legit, I remember setting engine rpms and autopilot to climb and leaving for a few hours until bomber had gained enough alt for high alt bombing pass. also set the drop amount/delay on bombs to perfectly scatter them around target and having to adjust bombing sight to alt/speed before dropping.

or taking a m10 out, turning off the engine, and tracking enemy tanks by sound :)
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