Aug 24, 2011
I have had Acer 5820TG for about a year now, but I'm still stuck on a year old driver for the high performance graphics card : ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5650 ( 1 GB ).

I am stuck on the driver version 8.713.3.3000 that was released in 4/20/2010. Oh, and I'm still running catalyst 10.

Its getting seriously annoying now. The Acer site does not have an updated driver. The one I mentioned before is latest they have. And trying to install it through the AMD site is a pain. I uninstall old driver, restart, install new one, restart, but it restarts on the VGA and the ATI GPU just vanishes. It's not there anymore, like what the hell??? And the new catalyst doesn't start.

I've been trying to update for so long, its just getting sad now. Can someone PLEASE HELP ME update my sodding graphics card??? I would love to play the latest games with reasonable frame rates.
Yes, sometimes it takes a while for laptop manufacturers to release updated drivers. If the generic ones from AMD do not work, then you will need to wait until Acer does finally release new drivers. This is especially true if your laptop has a switchable video card; from my understanding they need customized drivers for the specific laptop.

This is just one of several upgrade issues when you own a laptop instead of a desktop. Unfortunately you (and many other people) will just have to deal with it.