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Acer Aspire 3680 not connecting to internet with XP


May 16, 2010
Okay My Friend Has A Problem So Here It Is

On my Acer Aspire 3680, I was getting terrible performance with Vista, so I upgraded to Windows 7. Windows 7 gave me a boost in performance, but I wanted even more performance, so I opted to downgrade to Windows XP. So, I install Windows XP Professional SP3, and start it up. There is one problem, I can not connect to the internet. I did not have this problem in Vista, nor 7. I am connected to the internet via Ethernet cord, not wireless card.

I have tried:
ipconfig commands in cmd
Adding new hardware in control panel
Unplugging, and plugging back in the Ethernet

Saga Lout


So is there an active ethernet adapter in Device Manager with the proper driver installed or does it have a yellow mark beside it? What do you see when you run ipconfig /all? Is there a tick in Control Panel>Internet Options>Connection tab>LAN button>"Automatically detect settings"?[/#000ff]

Saga Lout

Chances are it says he has no driver. He needs to right click that entry and go to Properties then Details. Ask him for the four characters that follow VEN in the DeviceID and also those that follow DEV. You then have the Vendor and Device information so input that in the two boxes at http://www.pcidatabase.com and find out the name of the maker. If you're lucky, you'll find a link to the right driver. Send him that driver and he should sort his problem out.


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