Acer Aspire 7535G ZM-82 or Dell desktop


Oct 5, 2009
Hello everyone!

This is my first ever post on this website and I was hoping that I would be able to get some advice from you all. Basically I am looking at buying a new laptop. I am mainly wanting to use it for gaming, although it will also be used for traveling and perhaps work. This means that a desktop is out of the question and I by no means have enough money to buy both. The laptop I am looking at comes to around £650 with all of the addons etc. Anyway, I am looking at the Acer Aspire 7535G ZM-82. The specs are as follows:

*AMD Turion x2 Ultra processor ZM82 (2Ghz, 1MB)
*500 GB
*ATI Radeon HD4570 - 512 dedicated MB

Do you think this would be ok to run games such as Aion? I would also be able to run the new Star Wars MMO when it is released so am hoping this would be good enough. I'm not looking for the best one out there, just one that can do the job rather well.

By the way, having said that I would not go for a desktop, I would also like to add the following as it is the only desktop I have seen that comes in at an alright price (£701). It is the Dell 545:

*Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium SP1 (64 BIT) - English
*Intel® Pentium® Dual-Core Processor E5300 (2.6GHz, 800FSB, 2MB cache)
*4096MB Dual Channel DDR2 800MHz [4x1024] Memory
*640GB (7200rpm) SATA Hard Drive
*nVidia GeForce GT220 1024MB graphics card (or I could get Radeon™ HD 4350) - which graphics card would be best?

Having seen both of these could you please give me some feedback as to my options as far as both a laptop and this desktop (or a better one for less)? It would be greatly appreciated as I am really trying to get value for my money as it is a big investment. I know that one I build could come in much cheaper, however I am not really good with things like that. I'd rather get a prebuilt machine in all honesty. Anyway, help would mean a lot as I am stuck right now. Thanks.
For gaming use, the desktop would probably be tops, especially if you went with a Radeon 46,7,8, or 9 series graphics card. However, it seems as if portability is the main selling point for you. I don't see any reason why the laptop wouldn't play the games you mentioned, granted not as well as a desktop, but it would get the job done.