Acer Aspire Desktop (2.5 years old) power switch or supply?


Aug 8, 2008
Hi Guys,

I have an Acer Aspire (will never buy Acer again!) desktop:

I recently moved from one home to another and now suddenly the machine does not boot. The machine went through a car ride, but not a rough one. I plug the power cable to the power supply, and then to the wall outlet. I then press the "on" button on the front, and nothing happens. The fan doesn't start, the PC doesn't seem to be getting power. I checked the wall outlet, and it has power. I tried swapping out the power cable to the outlet with a different one, still no change, the machine doesn't boot. There's no beep, nothing spinning inside the machine, nothing.

So at this point, I thought it's either the power switch, the power supply, or something weird with the wall outlet (like some voltage issue or something? I doubt this since I'm still in the US and I thought all wall outlets are basically the same). I checked the power supply and it has cables going to the motherboard and all over the place, I dont see anything that popped out or anything like that.

The power supply has one cable going to the front in some front panel, which I believe is the power switch, it is labeled "POWER SW". It connects to a two pin connector on to a front panel switch. The switch seems to be properly connected. I'm not sure really how to tell if the switch is correctly completing the circuit or whatever to tell the power supply to turn on.

I'm trying to think of what to do to fix the thing to avoid another PC purchase, does anyone have any recommendations? perhaps a way to tell the POWER SW connector to turn the power supply on without the switch on the front panel of my PC? Can I do this with something I might have at home, ie, paper clip or something?

Thanks much for any help
You are thinking in the right direction. There is a simple paper-clip PSU functionality test:

If you want to test the Power Switch on the front of the computer, you can trace the wires and unplug the connector end at the motherboard (usually marked 'PWRSW or PWR'). After unplugging the connector, use a screwdriver to'short' these two pins on the motherboard. This will simulate the Power Switch being turned ON.


Aug 3, 2012

I just had the same problem, (I think since I bought it). I removed the side cover and then the front cover. I removed the switch (1 screw), found the switch, not the L.E.D.s, (blue and white wires), I used my knife to short out the switch wires and my computer booted up. Now I can't find the correct switch so I will improvise.



Nov 27, 2012
My acer ax3400 4802 has a power problem too. When switch is pushed, fan comes on, but not boot up or blue light. After many pushes on switch got blue light and boot up. Now I want to replace the switch, but dont know where to buy it. It appears to have 3 sets of 2 wires each coming from the switch and attaching to a plug to the mother board. Where to buy acer parts? Thanks in advance for any help!