Question Acer Aspire E1-572G ghosting keyboard

Mar 24, 2020
Acer aspire running window 8.1
Intel processor with AMD radeon R7 M265

About a week ago, my laptop keep pressing the letter G without me touching the keyboard. Pressing CTRL somehow stop it for a while but the letter G cant seem to be working .

Backstory. I was installing some software (AMD catalyst) and the laptop prompt me to restart. after restarting the laptop, the problem arise. initially i thought this was some kind of software issue prompting me to do the following

  1. Reset my laptop (Still ghosting) - window 10
  2. Clean format (Still ghosting) - window 10
  3. Clean window 8 (wiping my entire disk) - Still ghosting
I send it to my local pc shop and they clean the keyboard (idk how)- it stop for a while. but installing another software that require me to restart prompted the problem again. (the keyboard are working fine without any issue - the technician said this)

I have

  1. uninstall the keyboard from device manager and restart my laptop (still ghosting)
  2. uninstall my keyboard from device manager and shutting down my laptop (still ghosting)
  3. remove my laptop battery (idk why i did this) - still ghosting
  4. boot into safe mode - safe mode require a restart. and the ghosting start again
please help. i'm thoroughly confused.