Acer Aspire E15 E5-571P Laptop Lid

Nov 24, 2018
So my Acer Aspire E15 E5-571P's lid has this sorta Brushed aluminum look to it but its plastic I think it looks really cool but on the lid and other parts its kinda scratched and I want to remove them but also not scratch up the Silver/Chrome Acer logo because I think it gives it sorta a Business look is there anything I can do such as keep the brushed aluminum look but also Get rid of the scratches I've heard toothpaste works but then again I heard toothpaste will remove the brushed aluminum look on the plastic can i get some help please I've also heard using a little bit of water and a magic eraser going in the same direction from left to right on the lid will take some material off to where the scratches are no longer visible but it will also give it a new brushed appearance


Jan 10, 2015
Scratches, like they are everywhere, are thin indentations on a surface. There are lots of different ways to cover up scratches, but there are not easy ways to completely fill them as if they were never even there. You can try the toothpaste trick if you want but it usually only works on transparent plastics like on the sides of a desktop's case. The best thing to NOT do is use sandpaper and try to go over the lid to 'redo' the brushed aluminum look and cover up scratches because it will only remove the facade and expose the gray/white plastic underneath.

In other words, you're kind of at a loss unless you have a warranty on the laptop and wanted to replace it. :/