Question Acer Aspire laptop screen problem ?


Dec 30, 2013
I have an Acer Aspire VX 15 that was recently repaired due to a broken hinge. Before it was repaired, I was still it using for a month or so even when the hinge is broken although I can't close the lid. When I was using it, I noticed that there are times the screen is flickering. Even when my father used it, sometimes I will get a message from him saying that the screen is flickering. Then, the hinge has been successfully repaired on the last week of May. Mid June, my screen suddenly didn't turn on after a few days of not using it. I connected the laptop to the tv and there is a display. So, the laptop is still ok.

I went back to the computer repair store to show them what happened, when they turned on the laptop, the screen suddenly turned on. So, I guessed that the laptop needed a little bit of shake(lol) due to transport. I went home, the laptop screen is still ok. Then after a few days, it stopped working again, there are times that it will work and times that it will not. Then right now. The screen hasn't turned on for almost 2 weeks.

Upon searching on the possible solutions/problems, I came up with an article from the acer support website saying that the screen is one of the common problem of my laptop. I found a fix that needed to re-insert both end of the lcd screen cable and applying a little pressure by adding a small amount of electrical tape, I did that but no success. The computer repair store also said that they can't test the screen as they would need to have the exact model of the screen to check. They gave me a price for the replacement parts which is way overpriced. I found a supplier of parts which is more than 50% less than the one they gave me. (Cable from them is 60 usd, the one I found is 12 usd) Now here are my questions;

  1. Can they test it on a standard 30pin lcd screen?(Laptop screen is IPS full hd) just to check if there is a display or does it need to be an IPS Full HD screen as well?
  2. I wanted to check if it was the cable and planning to buy the cable that I found. But the webcam still works, lcd screen cable and webcam cable is in the same connection. So the cable is ok in theory? LCD screen cable reference, the small connection is for the webcam.
Thank you. Sorry for the long post.