Acer Aspire M3920 Freezing/crashing very frequently need help


Jan 1, 2013
Hello first time posting on here but out of frustration I just have to ask now.
So I have an Aspire M3920 which Is the I5 Version and i also have 8 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM, the graphics card I have installed on this machine is a GeForce GT 430.

So About 4 months ago my PC hard Drive broke and had to be sent in for repair with ACER it was still under warranty then and they replaced the hard drive everything was working fine and very smooth before the PC broke but after it came back from being fixed the PC just kept constantly crashing or freezing and ultra slow booting.

The Pc generally takes 5-15 mins for booting till everything unfreezes and then you can eventually use it but then when ever it wants to it will freeze again for a few minutes at a time when say two programs are open e.g. a game and skype (if both are open then it will freeze quite often which is very frustrating)
It also freezes while even doing a simple task such as browsing on Facebook.

Really need help with this it's driving me insane

The most likely scenario here is that a component has come loose during transit. You can either send it back to Acer (again) or get into it and fix it yourself (hopefully). Fixing should require no more than a phillips head screwdriver and awareness of ESD* possibility.
To see if it's something easily fixable, first remove the left (as you are facing the front of the machine) panel, two screws on the back of the computer hold the panel in place. Remove the screws, slide the panel back slightly and it should come off. You want to check that all the connections are snug on the motherboard and that the ram is properly seated then follow the two black(?) sata connectors from the motherboard to the hard drive and optical drive and make sure those are snug also. While there, check that the power connectors are snug also. There may be wires in there which are not connected to anything, that is normal.
The last thing to check and the most likely culprit here is the heatsink fan. Try wiggling the heatsink, it should not lift, twist or wiggle, if it does any of those things, you will need to reseat the heatsink - I'll explain that process if you report that is the issue
Hope it helps
*ESD Electro-Static Discharge, aka Static Electricity. Static electricity can cause major damage to the components of the computer, a way to ground yourself to prevent static build up is suggested. The two methods most often used by builders are either frequently grounding themselves by touching something grounded or another option is to wear what is called an anti-static wrist band which keeps you grounded

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