Acer aspire onboard and second card


Sep 5, 2011

My question is can my Acer Aspire X3950 (i5-650, 4GBDDR3) run both the on-board and a second graphics card at the same time.

The graphics card is an ATI Radeon, 2450 and works fine.

I have three options in the bios, PCI-E, Onboard and Auto.

On PCI-E the Radeon works fine, I have a DVI splitter on the card and am able to run two monitors in Ubuntu 10.04, no sweat.

On Auto the bios favours the Radeon and again, all works fine.

On On-board the system boots from the HDMI or VGA(DSUB) no problem.

So my main question is, can it support both and if so, how do I enable it.

Many thanks,

Red Brick

PS - I did a search and found no related articles.