Question Acer Aspire One laptop: black screen and a single beep when plugging the ac charger in ?

Feb 26, 2021
My Acer Aspire One laptop (running Windows 10) has a black screen (back-lit still on screen) and beep once when plugging the charger in. I have tried numerous fixes looking at endless forums.
  • Connecting an external monitor but remained black screen
  • Changed power option settings
  • Tried a different charger with the same volt and amp output
  • Opened the laptop and removed battery ensuring the pins are clean and functioning
  • Installing all the windows updates
  • Disconnected the ac charger and pressing the pin hole underneath the laptop for 5 seconds leaving it for 10 minutes, plugging the laptop in for a further 10 minutes
  • Checked drivers and all are up to date
  • Intel graphics settings (60 hz refresh rate is my only option)
  • Factory reset
  • Changing the brightness slider (by clicking the battery symbol at the bottom left)
  • Fn+ brightness up and down
  • Pressing Fn+ sleep button twice (remains black)
This really has me stumped, it seems as if I've tried 99% of things that should have fixed this issue. What confuses me the most is when I use teamviewer on another working laptop to remotely control the faulty one, the screen remains on upon plugging in the charger and works fine but the moment I disconnect on teamviewer it instantly goes to a black screen.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.