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Question Acer Aspire XC-605 stuck at splash screen can't access bios menu


Oct 14, 2017
My relatives gave me a old Aspire XC-605 PC tower that they didn't use anymore. However, when I plugged it in, it just booted to the Acer splash screen and stuck there (there was 1 beep at boot like normal). I pressed Delete to enter Setup but it only changed to "Entering Setup..." and then continued to hang at the splash screen.

My pc specs:
Cpu Intel Core I5 4440
Liteon 300W psu that came with the system
1 4gb DDR3L ram stick
GT 620 graphics card
500gb WD Blue HDD and a DVD drive

The things that I've done until now:
Change the psu
Change the cpu
Change the ram
Switch between ram slots
Remove HDD and DVD drive
Clean the whole PC
Reset cmos
Unplugged all of the usb and audio ports
Reseat the graphics card
Remove the graphics card
Remove the wifi card
Waiting for a long time to check if the pc contiunes to boot

I suspect that the Bios had corrupted but I not sure about that. Thanks for any help with the Troubleshooting or Fixing the PC

P.s I'm a foreigner so my English is not that good. Thanks again for reading and trying to understand this post :D