News Acer Brings Zen+ Processors to Its Nitro 5, Swift 3 Notebooks


Finally, i might have found my new laptop... that new superslim is exactly what I was looking for. If the screen is freesync and IPS at 1440p, I am in.

"It's objectively unfair to consumers who don't read the spec sheets of the processors found in the laptops they buy from stores. Many go into the stores, see the Ryzen 3000-series processor and believe that processor comes with all the improvements found in the Zen 2-based desktop processors, when that's not the case. AMD seems to be counting on this confusing to sell more AMD-based laptops to consumers."

By the way, i would remove that statement. It is nothing more than your opinion and, as the readers, can make our own on this matter. For my part, seeing an Intel CPU cripple to the bone without HT, bad iGPU and multiple security flaws all around the place... I find your statement totally ridiculous.