Question Acer E5-573G Laptop suddenly shut down and won't turn on again

Sep 20, 2020
Hello everyone,

I turned on my laptop today but it shut down after 1 or 2 minutes, after that i tried to turn on it again but its just works for 1 or 2 second and show acer logo and loading page but shut down .

Cpu fan is working and power button doesnt have problem because i tried emergency power too ( short circuit for turn on without power key ) and Laptop turned on and shut down again, also i disassemble and reassemble cmos battery, hdd and ssd , usb ports and keyboard socket, and tried without battery but not fixed yet.

I saw a video in YouTube about recovery bricked bios and it didnt work too, one of my friend said the problem is for the bios and i need program bios and it needs bios programmer, is this right? i need your helps soo much because i dont have money for buy a new laptop, thank you very much