Acer eRecovery management comes up saying "cannot find file: C:\D2D\Images\*.WSI


Nov 10, 2011
i have an acer model aspire 5710G series laptop with windows vista and i want to set up dual boot windows 7 over vista and i did the whole installation thing and when it was finished,Acer eRecovery management comes up saying "cannot find file:C:\D2D\Images\*WSI when try to determine UI language" by the way my laptop have two partition C and D and i installed windows in D drive C has vista
so please help me to figure out the solution and to set up dual boot
thanks a lot
Are you saying that you can't boot anymore at all, or you can but you get the error message? Without seeing what you were doing and what options you were picking it's hard to know how to fix this. You'll probably have to start over, restore the laptop to factory defaults on Vista, and then install 7.

You could have over-written the files during Windows 7 setup, or even formatted the drive if the computer does not boot.


Dec 12, 2011

go to control panel click computer!it will show you both partitions C is the one Accer uses for booting and operating HD.D is used for optical drive and memory.doesnt work like that.use your 32bit window 7 disk again and do it again!!!!no such thing as dual boot!eventhough it says 64bit you have to use 32bit and it will prompt ur HD and restart 6 times.1of1 1of2 1of 3 twice. Goodluck