Question Acer GN246HL Black Screen (but only after a while?)

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Jun 16, 2017
Alright, so I've been using this Acer GN246HL monitor for a few years now, but it's always had a problem where with some very specific games (Persona 4 Golden, Dark Souls) where it would throw a fit of "losing signal" after maybe 30 minutes of gameplay, constantly losing signal and then coming back on. I've been able to get by on the problematic games by just turning the monitor off and back on when it got upset, but lately it's starting to act up in almost everything it does through its DVI port- to the point where I can't even use windows for more than like 30 minutes before it starts losing signal.

Usually a surefire indicator before the monitor decides to quit working when using the DVI cable is that it will start to display a bunch of tiny blue specs all over random parts of the screen, though sometimes it won't even do that and it will just lost signal without warning.

I can verify that it's definitely not an issue with my GPU- The past owner of this monitor also had an issue with it in his build, where only some games would act up (his temps were fine, and so are mine) and the monitor works fine through the HDMI port, the only problem being that the HDMI port on this monitor is capped at 60 HZ vs the Dual-Link DVI going all the way up to 144 HZ. Also, the past owner tried a different cable at one point but never had any luck with it, and I'm currently using the Dual-Link DVI cable that came with the monitor (despite it sometimes telling me to use the dual link cable that came with the monitor when its acting up....)

In case anyone needs them, here's my specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 1600
Mobo: MSI X470 Gaming PLUS
RAM: GSKILL Ripjaws V (I think the 3200 MHZ ones)
OS: Windows 10

Also one last interesting piece of info on it: back when the monitor worked a bit more consistently, if it started having signal issues while playing games it had problems with and I alt-tabbed out of the game into Windows, the monitor was suddenly fine until I would tab back into the game- It was actually kind of comical watching the monitor freak out as soon as I'd tab back into Persona 4.

TL;DR- Monitor doesn't like some games when using DVI port, and now monitor is starting to not like anything through DVI port after around 30 minutes of use.

Is this perhaps something to do with drivers? Or is it just time to get a new monitor? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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