Question Acer Laptop Keyboard and Power Button Stopped Working

Aug 9, 2019
I was playing Minecraft when I noticed that I couldn’t move anymore. No keyboard input was working. My mouse on the other hand was working just fine. Since I couldn’t get out of Minecraft to restart my computer from the start menu since I can’t close the game without pressing escape, I hit the power button. Nothing happened so I held the power button for 15 seconds which should be overkill but the computer remained on.

I was a able to kick myself from my Minecraft server using my phone and navigate to the quit button using my mouse. I clicked the restart button in the start menu, left my laptop, and came back to find that the screen was black, the rgb lights on my mouse were off despite being plugged into my computer, and the keyboard backlights are still on even though they are set to turn off after receiving no input for about 5 seconds. I unplugged my charger and noticed that the light indicated that my laptop is plugged in stays on whether my charger is plugged in or not.

I’m using an Acer Aspire R 15 with Windows 10. Note that I did verify that the trackpad works.

Thanks in advance for any helping solving this problem.