Acer Laptop recovery without discs


Dec 25, 2010
I have an Acer Aspire 5630. My restore discs were lost. I want to restore everything to factory settings before I give this laptop away. How can I do that? By the way, you're dealing with someone who is not cp smart.


If you still have the original restore partition you can restore it from there otherwise you would need to purchase a set of recovery disks from Acer.
There should be instructions on your laptop how to restore, or look on the Acer website.
Someone may come along that knows which keys are used to activate the recovery session.


Dec 30, 2010
Too bad we don't live next door to each other I'd loan you mine. lol!

But Acer did something with their oem Vista software. It can be downloaded on any computer that is fast enough to run Vista. 1+ MHZ. I loaded it on few systems. A Sony Viao and a HP Pallavion. But it keeps asking to be authenticated key or a activation number. How you fix that is use the key off your computer providing it's the same Vista or Windows 7. Vista key for Vista. Win7 for Win 7. What ever your computer came with.

If not you not be able to keep any picture as your desk top. Just dull black screen. But your software will work.

Then the original software even allows you make a reinstall disket set.

But Oops! We are not supposed to know that.......

So keep it quiet, will ya? :)

Try to find someone that has a Acer computer. Use their oem reinstall disket set. If you can't find any. Acer will sell you one for about 30 bucks. But you have to have the computer serial # when order one online.

And I bet it will even work with Acer oem Windows 7 reinstall disc.

Hope it works out for you...........