Question Acer monitor "Cable Not Connected" message


Jul 21, 2013
Acer K272HUL Monitor
RTX 2080
Ryzen 5 3600

So I've had this problem on and off for the past 3ish years I've owned this monitor (bought it off a friend since he upgraded) and usually it would fix itself somehow, but this time any troubleshooting I've done before hasn't fixed it.

I recently moved apartments and once I FINALLY setup my computer this monitor was giving this message and not being detected by my computer. I tried reseating the cable, swapping which ends plugged in, swapped to a known working cable, tried different DP ports on my GPU, tried HDMI, plugging into on-board graphics, power cycling, and nothing, the monitor would still say "Cable not connected". It will also not allow me to use any of the OSD menuing except for switching inputs.

NOW THE INTERESTING PARTS! When I plug in the monitor via HDMI, the computer will detect another monitor is connected, BUT the monitor itself will not output anything except the error message. ALSO, when I plug the monitor into my Xbox One via HDMI it will work perfectly fine.

I've checked to see if there was some weird power saving feature messing with it, but I couldn't find anything like that. I've updated my graphics drivers and would check for hardware changes in between cable changes, but still nothing. I'm hoping maybe someone has heard something like this or can possibly point me the right direction to start searching more. The monitor worked perfectly fine not 2 days before I moved and set it up.