Question Acer Monitor Service Menu Not Lining up with Specs?


Jul 12, 2014
I have an Acer T232HL which is listed as an IPS monitor by Acer and all other sites, however as I was messing with the settings today, somehow, I made the service menu come up. As you can see on the image, it states Panel: LG LM230WF3. However, upon looking up these panels online, all I can find is sites like panelook that all state that this is a non-touch, TFT panel. All the other specs seem about right, so I am very confused by this. If this is really a non-touch panel, why is this a touchscreen monitor?? And stranger, why is this an "IPS" monitor if it's a TFT panel?? I really don't know how I opened the service menu, I have tried to reopen it without success. It's one of those annoying monitors with a power button, plus 5 unlabeled buttons that you can't see on the right side of the monitor, so I was clicking around trying to get the right button when the menu popped up...

Is there any reason for this, like maybe the panel info is incorrect, as I see there are different suffixes to the panel name, and perhaps there is a touch, IPS version of this same panel, or did I just get ripped off by Acer or something? .... I'd rather not open up my monitor to verify the panel ID or anything, not that it would void the warranty, I don't have one anyways, but more for fear that it would somehow break, as I really need a monitor to use my computer... Does anybody know anything about this? Thank you!