Question Acer Nitro 5 fans making noise soon as I turn it on.


Jul 23, 2017
Hey, I have an Acer Nitro 5 and soon as I turn it on, even though I let it to idle after turning it on. My laptop fans make noise, it's quite loud, not too much, but still it's audible. I am not sure if it's normal? Could you please tell me about it? Is there a problem in my laptop?
Also why did my laptop boot time changed randomly? It took almost 1 minute to turn it on, I thought it was an update but nope it was a normal start up, but still it took 1 minute. Could you tell me about it please?


Aug 4, 2017
It's normal behaviour for the fans to turn on briefly at startup, and perhaps remain very quietly active as the operating system loads. Loading the operating system consumes system resources just like any other loading of computer things, or processing of data.

How do the fans behave? How does the behaviour evolve after booting, over time? Does it change when the charger is plugged in compared to not plugged in?

Regarding the boot time: check your Event Log. See if any kind of Kernel-Power or other Kernel-xxx Critical error was logged, which could point at your computer starting from "cold boot", as we call it. This would mean (if this is the case) that your computer shut down without caching any parts of the kernel in to the hard disk space for easy retrieval.
Note that doing a manual hard shutdown (pulling plugs, batteries, power, or holding the power button) is equivalent to a hard crash in this regard. It will trigger a cold boot.

This feature is part of something called "Fast Boot" on modern computers, and regularly turned on by default both on the hardware side (skipping RAM checks) and software side (precomputing kernel modules/drivers and storing them for later re-use). A hard crash or bugcheck ("Blue Screen") would be a cause for a cold boot where RAM does get checked fully.