Question ACER NITRO AN515-53-592T Bad Gpu/Lowering Resoltion increases performance but it shoudnt

Raiyan Islam

Jun 12, 2015
Hey guys. My laptop has an i5 8300h and 1060 mobile, 8gb ram with a 144hz refresh rate monitor. I only play league and valorant on it. I have been unsatisfied with the fps on both though because I cant get them to reach a constant 144 fps. In league i get a stable 90, on max settings while in valorant i get avg of 100 on lowest settings.

Screenshot: View:
As you can see cpu/gpu usage is pretty low. Valorant is single core dependent though.

My laptop battery settings are set to max performance and my drivers are upto date(checked using windows update and geforce experience).
Now i benchmarked gpu on uningine haven(ultra/extreme/no AA) and got a score of 2100 ish and avg fps of 70 with occasional stutters Min fps- 9.2. Changing my graphics settings for the games didnt give me any noticeable fps boost, but it did reduce frame drops in valorant.

But I tried lowering my resolution(not 3D) and i got a huge performance increase in both games. Like +50. It decreased gpu usage to 15%. Why cant my gpu give better fps at higher resolutions when its not being utilized fully?
Thank you for you time. Any suggestion is appreciated.