Question Acer Nitro XV240Y (vs. AOC 24G2 and/or ViewSonic XG2402)

Oct 20, 2020

I play FPS games at a fairly competitive level, currently on an Xbox One S but am moving to the Series S. It supports 1440p but I mainly play Destiny 2 which will only be 1080p and 60 FPS, so I only want a 1080p monitor. Still want 144 Hz for whenever I start playing other games again.

I was about to buy a TN monitor (ViewSonic XG2402 is my top choice, also looked at the VX2458-MHD, AOC G2590FX, and Asus VG248QG) but am having second thoughts after reading about the better colours on an IPS. I don't care so much about viewing angles. Of course I don't want to give up the fast response time of a TN monitor, so I thought the Acer Nitro XV240Y (23.8" FHD 165Hz 2ms GTG IPS LED FreeSync) might be a good compromise. I expect slightly slower response times but doubt I could actually tell the difference. I did find some reviews saying the XG2402 has particularly low input lag, though.

If response time differences are negligible, I am still quite concerned about motion blur and ghosting. The monitor has Acer's VRB technology which supposedly "creates the effect of 1ms VRB, giving your screen less blur for crystal clear gameplay." One spec sheet claims it has a Grey-to-Grey Response Time of 2 ms, so is that with VRB turned off? From what I've seen it seems like activating VRB and/or overdrive might detract from some of the other specs. I'm pretty new at this so it's gotten really confusing. There aren't a lot of reviews out there.

Basically I just want to know if I will be able to set this monitor up to give me fast response times similar to a TN panel, while also providing the colour benefits of IPS (don't care about viewing angles), without producing more ghosting and motion blur than a similarly-priced TN. All while mostly playing a 60 FPS game on the Xbox Series S.

Alternatively, how would the Acer Nitro XV240Y compare to everyone's favourite AOC 24G2? On paper they seem basically identical, with the 24G2 perhaps being a little faster but it would cost me almost twice as much (can't find it used).

Thank you so much for any advice!