Acer pc Vista failed loading memtest86 cd ! hint ?


Jan 14, 2007

I tried to test my friend new Acer Vista Premium PC, but it doesn't want to boot with a memtest cd.

Currently the system doesn't have a floppy so I can' t boot it that way also.

My bootable CD of memtest works fine with XP, so I presume that Vista make some weird stuff at boot time and doesn't want to boot memtest cd.

Anyone has hints about that ?

Thanks :)


Booting from a memtest86+ bootable CD never involves the operating system, so it doesn't matter what OS you have installed (or even if you have no OS) -- the hard disk is never accessed.
Your friend's computer probably has its boot order set to try the hard disk before the CD/DVD drive, so it never tries to boot from the CD. Change the boot order to put the CD/DVD drive before the hard disk.