Question Acer Predator XB241H Lighter Spots on Black Screen

Sep 9, 2019
Edit/Update 9/13/19 I've decided to accept a refund. I can't get over spending money on a defective product. I'm going to buy a different monitor (not from Acer). This thread can be locked or deleted. Although, if someone does answer this thread and the solution is helpful to someone, then it's ok if it remains.

I recently bought a Recertified Acer Predator XB241H from Amazon. Unfortunately, there are at least two light spots that are visible only when the screen is completely black. They are near the top portion on the screen near the corners. I sent it in for a repair and the technicians didn't repair it.

I've tried plugging it in to different outlets with different power cables. I've tried light pressure massaging. I've tried to use a suction cup (for pressure marks). I've also tried loosening the screws on the back a bit. Nothing's working.

I don't know if these are pressure marks, back light bleeding, clouding, or what.

Here is a picture taken with my phone of what they look like (at least one of them). View:

Please help.
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