Question ACER S271HL monitor display not turning on, flashing power light.

Sep 27, 2019
I've had an ACER S271HL for the past 4 years now, and everyday before this week it has worked perfectly fine (though it had a very very few dead pixels), though starting this week the power light kept flashing blue and orange repeatedly and the display would stay blank, though after a few seconds it would turn on after giving me a "Press Menu and Right to Burn-It Off" message whilst flashing various colours, though starting today it just hasn't done that and has just stayed blank, whilst the power buttons were contuiningly flashing orange and blue, and after about 30-45 minutes of it being turned on, the light would just turn orange and flash as if it's on standby. It also was flashing orange and blue when I powered up the monitor, whilst not having it connected to the computer.

I did move my RAM around today, and I noticed how that could be a cause of the issue, but the thing is my 2nd monitor works perfectly fine, and I connected some other screens I had around, and they all too turned on perfectly. There isn't any loud humming sound coming out of my monitor, so I don't know if any components have just blown or something. I used a different HDMI slot on my computer to check if that would fix anything, but again I only had the same results. I've also disconnected all the wires, reconnected them, held down the power button, checked if the refresh rate or resolution was correct on both Nvidia Control Panel and the Windows Settings, and even still it just won't turn on.