Question Acer VG240Y S Monitor - HDMI (PC) to HDMI (monitor) is working, but DIV-D (PC) to HDMI (monitor) NOT working ?

Jun 13, 2022
Hello People,

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Sorry if this has been asked before, i was not able to find a clear ans through search.

I am using a ACER VG240YS as my second monitor and my PC has one DIV-D port and an HDMI port.

I have used the HDMI port for connecting my Primary Monitor and tried using DVI- D to HDMI cable to connect my second mentioned monitor.

The monitor shows the display for 3secs and then goes grainy like an old TV with no signal.

I unplug the cable and plug it again then also I get the display for 3 sec and then grainy only. Previously i was using an LG monitor which worked fine with the DVI to HDMI converter adaptor and HDMI cable, but when I switched to the new monitor nothing seems to work.

I have tried..

  • A DVI D to HDMI adaptor.
  • Tried using a two way DVI D to HDMI Cable.
  • Updated my graphics driver.
  • Tried repairing my system files.
  • tried switching off DDC/CI.
My Motherboard is a Aorus B450 and the graphics is the integrated one. I am hoping that some has a solution for this and an idea of whats happening. If nothing goes well then my only option is to get a graphics card just to make my second monitor work. Please help and thank you in advance.